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Whether your a couple or individual, you can receive as much Love as you want.

No one can do the work to you or for you but I can walk with you as a guide. 

Couples Restoration Journey

Relationships beat to the rhythm of the spiritual transformation


Order — Disorder — Reorder

Connection — Disconnection — Reconnection

Life — Death — Resurrection


In macro and micro ways, we are invited into even deeper communion with our partners which includes the initiation of disconnection, discord and conflict. 

The challenge is most folks have been unconsciously socialized to shutdown, avoid, snuff, stuff or ‘win at all costs’ in conflict in order to survive.


But doing so blocks you both from Love.


It thwarts the initiation into reorder, reconnection and resurrection and your relationship gets stuck in disorder, stuck in disconnection and stuck in death, be it quick or slow.


Being blocked from Love and stuck in disconnection can show up in a million ways including:

“The more I shutdown, the more they rage and the more they rage, the more I shutdown

“The more I pursue, the more they withdraw and the more they withdraw, the more I pursue

“The more I ignore them, the more they ignore me and the more they ignore me, the more I ignore them”


This will never get you the relationship you want. To move through, grow and evolve, we all must learn the art of repair, the very act that alchemizes disconnection into reconnection.


The Couple’s Restoration Journey is designed to make you masters at repair, guiding you through the disconnection and into reconnection so that you may receive and give Love in your relationship just like you’re designed to.

$200/1.5 hour session

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Individual Restoration Journey

Safe and sound protocol

Since the womb, everything you've ever experienced is contained within your body at cellular level.


Overwhelm, stress and pain are all recorded in the nervous system and can keep us stuck in a chronic state of defense. This defense is like a never ending feedback loop, biasing your nervous system to detect cues of danger and threat, even if there are none actually present.


And living under perpetual threat keeps us from connecting and receiving Love, causing us to adapt in necessary but sometimes challenging ways. 


The Restoration Journey is for the tough to reach places and designed to gently, yet intentionally, dissolve these blocks keeping you from receiving and giving Unconditional Love. 

This isn't about behavior modification or just talking about your pain. It's energic, neurophysiological, restoration.


Using the frequencies of pure safety from the Safe and Sound Protocol, along with other tools, we'll clear the way so that you can receive Unconditional Love and truly connect with yourself, others and the living world around you.

The Restoration Journey is a commitment of at least 15-20 sessions. We'll meet weekly as we purposefully clear the way for Love. 

$90/1 hour session

"I recently finished [my Restoration Journey] that incredibly changed my inner/outer life. I now see life from a different perspective. I have safety in my nervous system that I had no idea was missing. Which clogged me from Love. I feel like I have been transformed by Love, now I can receive Love, give love away!! It’s changed my marriage. I’m no longer a critic, hurting his and my heart. I’m not afraid to connect even deeper than before. I can honestly say I know it’s was so worth EVERYTHING that I put into it."

— CTW Client, Suzi C.


Working together session-by-session is a great fit for individuals or couples who have gone through a Communion Restoration Journey and want a guide as they begin to experience life while receiving and giving Love. 


Working session-by-session can also be helpful for those who are still discerning if the Communion Restoration Journey is right for them.


These sessions are designed to be periodic in nature and are scheduled week-to-week, rather than committing to a reoccurring time slot. They can also be booked multiple weeks in a row by prepayment.


Whether you’ve transformed through the Communion Restoration Journey or are just beginning your process, you never have to clear the way alone.

Individuals: $110/1 hour session Couples: $250/1.5 hour session

All sessions offered remotely via video call

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