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  • Leah Van Someren

Couples Restoration Journey: Connection — Disconnection — Reconnection

Relationships beat to the rhythm of the spiritual transformation:

Order — Disorder — Reorder

Connection — Disconnection — Reconnection

Life — Death — Resurrection

In macro and micro ways, we are invited into even deeper communion with our partners which includes the initiation of disconnection, discord and conflict.

The challenge is most folks have been unconsciously socialized to shutdown, avoid, snuff, stuff or ‘win at all costs’ in conflict in order to survive.

But doing so blocks you both from Love.

It thwarts the initiation into reorder, reconnection and resurrection and your relationship gets stuck in disorder, stuck in disconnection and stuck in death, be it quick or slow.

Being blocked from Love and stuck in disconnection can show up in a million ways including:

“The more I shutdown, the more they rage and the more they rage, the more I shutdown”

“The more I pursue, the more they withdraw and the more they withdraw, the more I pursue”

“The more I ignore them, the more they ignore me and the more they ignore me, the more I ignore them”

I don't have to tell you that this will never get you the relationship you want. But if that's obvious, why don't we do something different? Because whatever it is we're doing kept us alive at some point in time. You survived and now it's time to learn a new way of being in relationship.

How? That's where Clear The Way comes in.

To move through, grow and evolve, we all must first wake up, then experience neurobiological restoration and then we must learn the art of repair — the very combination that alchemizes disconnection into reconnection.

Yes, it's messy. Yes, it's worth it. I say that because I've been there.

If you're curious, then you're ready.

The Couple’s Restoration Journey is designed to:

1. Wake up both you and your partner to the pattern that has you stuck

2. Restore your neurobiology to the relational ecology it was designed for

3. Make you masters at repair, guiding you through the disconnection and into reconnection

Embark on the journey so that you both may receive and give Love in your relationship just like you’re designed to.

Book a 30 minute Curiosity Call to learn more.


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