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  • Leah Van Someren

Tour de Thailand - With My Parents!

Wow ya'll. Just like that, another month bites...well the phrase says 'dust' but no dust was bitten instead...another month shares the table with friends and family, bites into really good food and savors every moment.

Thailand has come and gone and in its wake, I've been inspired by Jesus.

Straight inspired and in awe by His intricacies, His reality, His Kingdom and His people.

The moment I landed in Chiang Mai, my spirit cheered, "YES! I am MEANT to be here." Remember from my very first blog, "Why Race?", God called me to Thailand at the end of my senior year of college but I didn't go. I love that just because we don't take Him up on His call at that moment, He never fails to orchestrate exactly what Has for us for Himself.

AND my parents got to experience it with me - better yet, they got to have their own experiences! Last week, we participated in Parent Vision Trip (PVT). 13 out of 19 of my squadmates had one or more parents board multiple planes and fly halfway around the world to see their baby and let me tell you, the Lord put in WORK over five days. Warrior prayers rang out, parents feet were washed, public worship was played. Incredibly hard conversations were had and hugs were given after. Parents heard and recognized the voice of God. We saw people accept forgiveness because He brought people to ask for it. We experienced shame dissolve by way of love and vulnerability, transformation take hold and Holy Spirit dwell richly within our hearts. Families - and individual people - were changed forever in five days and it ALL benefited and brought Kingdom here on Earth! And best part about it...because it's the Lord's change, it's secure. Halle-freaking-lujah!

The cherry on top? We had another team change! I'll be spending the last months of the Race being discipled by Madison, Kat, Monica, Zachary and Chase. And together, hand-in-hand, we leave for month nine in Ukraine and go after the more God has promised. 


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