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  • Leah Van Someren

We Have Time

Over the last month and a half, I’ve encountered Jesus in a place I’ve never expected…

Down a path I’ve never wandered myself, let alone expected to run into my best friend and Lord.

I’ve heard Jesus through the stroke of a paint brush and He sounds enthralling. 

We Have Time

Back in Ecuador, the Lord gave me a vision…but not just any vision. This one had live-action sound, smell-o-vision and a heat that warmed my soul. It was the 21st of September and I woke up abnormally early at 5:00am. Cup of coffee in hand, I closed my eyes. And without warning, it began…I was transported out of the room and surrounded by a wooded forrest, pine trees everywhere. I was me in the vision, experiencing everything firsthand. Sitting on a camping chair with my right leg bent and foot in the chair, I rested my head on my knee. To my right was a tent and in front of me was a roaring camp fire. 

Every single one of my senses tingled. I could hear the crackle of the embers and smell the smoke. I even felt the warmth of the fire on my skin! Across from the fire was a man wearing a Carhartt jacket, stoking the fire. I felt this overwhelming desire to just stare at him. I didn't have to say anything...nor did I want to. I was completely content, mesmerized by him tending to the fire. And then in that moment, he lifted his head, flashed a smile and said, 'hey'. I about LOST it. The feeling that fell over me was intoxicating.

I checked in with my heart because I wanted to make sure my mind wasn't daydreaming about just any man but when I asked Holy Spirit, He said it was Jesus. JESUS! So so so amazing. But as soon as I found out it was Him, my mind started to take over and I wanted to ask Him super deep, theological 'maximize' the time we had. I felt my mind starting to race and wander away. But when I did, He simply said, "Leah, I'm not going anywhere. Let's enjoy this time together. We have time."


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