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You know those things you're convinced everyone should read or hear?

Here are mine

& I'm always adding more!



You Can't Rush Your Healing | Trevor Hall

Remember Jah | Satsang

I Am | Satsang

Vapor | The Liturgists

Inheritance | Jonathan David Hesler, Graham Cooke

I am deeply grateful to sit at the feet of these brilliant beings

All of my clients — Deb Dana — Kim Barthel — Dan Siegle — Alicen Halquist — Stephen Porges — Paula Scatoloni — Peter Levine — Jules Taylor Shore — Linda Thai — Les Aria — Adam Young — Brené Brown — Bessel van der Kolk — Resmaa Menakem — Jillian Hosey — Norman Doidge — Mahshid F. Hager — Richard Schwartz — Frank Anderson — Arielle Schwartz

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