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  • Leah Van Someren

When Jesus Smiles

I have a question. A thought worth the ponder: Jesus — intimately human, completely divine — invested uncountable tears, weeping two different times.

But what of the moments that brought Him great delight? What about all the times He enjoyed life?

If Jesus is God and God is love, there had to be something worth smiling at once in a while.

Why didn’t Matthew record the times when he grinned from ear to ear? Didn’t Luke think Theophilus would care about Christ’s outward cheer?

It seems to me, to invest time, space and ancient ink, only bizarre things were worth repeating.

So, either you’ll think I’m crazy or you may just agree, but I almost certain, smiling is our King’s perpetual state of being.

And when Jesus smiles, defined creases gather as holy witnesses, three lines on each side.

Worn paths surrounding the depths of his eyes.

Tossing his head back, he claps his hands twice.

Out of his heart, an eruption of eternal joy.

When Jesus smiles, life realizes it’s living.

Butter slathers itself on freshly baked bread and water begs to become wine, deep, dry and red.

The hum of friction between oxygen particles compose symphonic melodies.

And the feet of existence never refuse dancing.

When Jesus smiles, verbs are let off their leashes, igniting the world into glorious motion.

Slaves to fear are captivated by tempting liberation.

The tiniest mustard seed resolves to grow and grow until he is bigger than the biggest tree.

And purpose discovers its very own meaning.

When Jesus smiles, hills glow with cities that echo starry night skies.

Treasures are discovered in every field.

The blind see for the very first time and blushing goes His beautiful Bride.

When Jesus smiles, sons gone astray run all the way home.

Cheeks are washed clean as tears dissipate in the Light of the Son.

The harvest is overcome with workers until the job is all said and done.

When Jesus smiles, hope wafts through the air, declaring the true reason for feasting.

Existence rejoices in simply existing.

Seeds sprout in good soil producing fruit ripe for the picking.

And Love is offered, free for receiving.


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