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  • Leah Van Someren

Foundation: Love Others

Through my time at G42, God deconstructed and reconstructed my heart. He laid an infinite foundation of love with four defining characteristics:

Love others.

We've come to last layer and this one sincerely rocked me. I knew we are called to love others but to be honest, I never understood the breath or depth or sacrifice of what that meant until I received God's love first. Once I did, He completely surprised me by increasing my heart capacity and desire to love others! He overwhelmed my heart with love and as He did, it flowed over and onto others. And He didn't stop there...He then gave me an entire group of people to fall deeply in love with - which I absolutely did.

Below is .01% of the love I have for my fellow interns at G42.

Love Others

Hey you! Yeah, you! I have something to tell you! The thing is, well…I love you. Did you hear me clearly? Maybe I mumbled. I’ll say it again because it’s that important but listen closely.

Rachel, I love you and your unquantifiable bravery. It’s as mighty as a lion cuddling a baby lamb. Meghan, I love you and your sincere hope for all that is beautiful and watching you discover it starts inside of you. Annalea, I love you and your fire, bold and bight. Behind your big, brown eyes, I see God’s glorious light. Haley, I love you and your voice of yellow, especially how flows freely from the center of your soul. Brittney, I love you and your soft, subtle strength. Trajectories change when you have something to say. Ethan, I love you and your tender heart. When you tear up, compelled by love, Holy Spirit, descends just like a dove. Amber, I love you and no matter where you are, you will always be my little sister, near or far.

Ariel, I love you and being wrapped in your arms is like being cuddled by heaven. Chelsea, I love you. The words that pour out of the center of your spirit cause life to spring up in the driest of deserts. Kristen, I love you and your world changing babies. Gabby, I love you. You are a lion with a mane that casts a shadow of flowers and your laughter blows colorful bubbles. Gary and Lisa, I love you. As a tribe you lay down your lives, choice by choice, to build a higher ceiling for those next in line. Taylor, I love you and your courage to step out of the boat. You lead others with laughter and it’s a gift from God. Jacob, I love you. My friend and my brother, the oak tree that grows from your heart is one people take refuge under. Meagan and Zack, I love you. Kingdom is cultivated between a red hot heart and an ice cold brain.

Samantha, I love you and your butterfly eyes. Just beyond them leads to forever plus a day or two. Jamilyn, I love you. You scoop Kingdom by arm full as you embrace all God sets before you. Raina, I love you and your regal stature. You’re a queen in the kingdom, and I hope that you know it. Teagan, I love you and the way you’ve opened up, both your mind and your heart. Isaiah, I love you. From the depths of your being flow rivers of purple and gold, leading from your head, all the way to your toes. Mckenzie, I love you and your walk with grace, fight for love no matter the cost or discomfort spirit. Michael, I love you. Your adoration for Jesus is a mighty wave in the ocean and a pleasure to get swept away in. Morgan, I love you and the way you are a friend on purpose. Your being sprouts goodness and effortlessly grows fruits of the spirit. Nicholas, I love you and your desire to grow. Humility follows when you choose the unknown.

Jonathan, I love you. You’re a really, truly a very good man and I’ll yell it from across the ocean just to remind you. Jenna, I love you. Your smile sets darkness running as you discover more and more the depths of your being. Greg, I love you and the wake that follows behind your stride rocks people awake, through you, people come alive. Ruby, I love you, your powerful silence and your sweet, infectious spirit. Brandi, I love you and your earthquaking voice. You lull demons to death and awaken the sleepers in one simple breath. Britt and Major, I love you, you magical creatures. Your vast vitality swallows up the doubt of God in a single sip. Andrew and Mo, I love you. There is too much to say to say much so I’ll leave you with thank you from the bottom of my being and hope that you understand just how grateful I truly am. Becky, I love you. You’re wired for the new covenant and all that actually matters, You teach others to love simply by living. Alisha, I love you and your disruptive, eruptive, stop everyone dead in their tracks, being and essence. Rashidat, I love you. The space you’ve made in your heart has become a second home to me.

To each and every one of you, once more and forever after that, I love you, I love you, I love you and in Jesus name, you’ll never forget it.


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