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  • Leah Van Someren

I Hope You Know

I hope you know you are poetry.

A math-magician. Magnificent.

A bundle of sparkling stars linked together by lines of imagination, painting murals on a cosmic scale.

A child of Light simply because Love said so.

I hope you know behind your eyes is a road leading to forever and beyond.

And gazing at the ocean, that of which we only know a percent or two, is nothing compared to a moment in the mirror.

After all, only one was created in the image of Love.

I hope you know your existence is verbs and other freedoms.

Capable hands, to have and to hold until bodily death overshadows and they grow unnaturally cold.

Gatekeeper of tears and conductor of laughs.

Indefinite reverberation.

Alive and complete, lacking not one thing. At home in Love eternal, you embody all you’ll ever need.

I hope you know your words are a sips of heaven.

Breath that gives way to the presence of Love.

Aromas wafting, foreshadowing the feast.

Both, and. Savory, sweet.

And each time you open your mouth, life abundant comes pouring out.

I hope you know your soul is color.

Subtle hues and shades of human.

A fractal, a kaleidoscope of symmetrical, syncopated atoms.

I hope you know your spirit is a silken structure, soft and breezy. Established and founded.

Tumbling water set to music. Pure and constant.

Dynamic movement. A dance, embrace so sweet.

Reciprocal relationship rocked aware by the wake trailing Love’s graceful lead.

I hope you know you are a partaker of Divine nature designed to be home to Holiness personified.

A vessel with the hope of glory lodged deep inside, eternally ablaze in the center of the center of your very being.


Endlessly expanding through Love’s all encompassing Radiance that’s always been and never won’t be.

And most of all and above all else, I hope you know, knowing alone isn’t enough.

Simply knowing leaves you searching, slave to evidence outside.

For knowing only stockpiles its secrets in the nooks and crannies of an overcrowded mind.

Rather, it’s from the head to heart, I hope you traverse.

And along the voyage, braving hell and high water, I hope - I pray - your knowing transforms, transfigures into blessed believing.

Like photosynthesis, may your spirit turn Love’s Light into Life through your heart’s agreeing.

For only from belief will rivers of living water brim out of the depths of your being.

True knowing only comes from believing.


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