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  • Leah Van Someren

Be Unreasonable

Watch out! Look at your wrist and around your leg. Can you not feel it slip around your neck and tighten, inch by inch, around your waist? Slowly constricting, like the scaly lasso of a serpent, death hugging its unknowing prey, we live life fighting a force desiring to decay. Entangled by selfishness and strangled by pride. Restrained by resentment and gagged by lies. Like blinded puppets slave to the snarl, we desperately yank the string we assume will loosen into freedom, yet it’s the very one ensuring our incarceration.

“You’ll be like god,” hissed the scaled lasso, tongue dripping with deceit. With one little nibble, humanity knew nakedness and quickly covered up with silence and shame. And just like any other, the fruit dangling from the tree knowing evil from good, hid away seeds committed to reproduce. Planted in soul soil, the seeds sprouted, growing into suffocating foliage of judgement that, over time, we’ve simply bushwhacked into reason. But if I am frank, whoever he may be, I’d surmise reasonable living is actually the first suspect in the slowest, concealed murder known to our bite sized planet.

Reason. Reasoning. Plotting through life as a status quoing, logical, sensical, rule bound, reasonable being. The intellect of the human head, hungry for terms and checkbox contracts, analyzing options, scribbling pros and crossing out cons. Tactfully segregating good from bad, right from wrong. Explicitly defining expectations based on the prefrontal cortex’s definition of ‘reason.’

But dare I say, there is another Way? Might I suggest, we jump headlong into an eternal season marked with complete unreason? Perhaps, to be truly liberated from all that binds, we must flip all reason on its head and scurrying down the ladders of the mind. Kicking off the shoes that say, “This is the only way,” let’s go bounding off the trail, swept away by the wind that knows nothing of a linear path. It’s there, with the softest touch, we caress the heart, completely free and impossible to confine. Living heart open wide, unchained from judgement of black and white, we become awaked to the Love that’s always been. It’s from that place, in that moment where our unreason is the only thing to truly make sense.

Unreasonable people are compelled by Love into sacrificial action.

It’s those who boom with hope in the darkness, striking matches in the rain.

They pray without ceasing, no matter the pain.

Unreasonable people exchange striving for abiding and intimacy with Divine.

And as He forms Christ within them, they dance to life’s kick drum, that is their heartbeat’s very own rhythm.

They happen to life, rather than life happening to them and from the Love they receive, the more Love they give.

Unreasonable people don’t ‘should’ on themselves or anyone else.

Surrendering expectations, they create space for whole of another exactly where they are.

Born for purpose, not just to find one, they embrace the brilliance of failure, boldly putting the process of becoming on display.

They frolic in meadows full of color, introducing black to white and playing in the gray.

Unreasonable people know they are born of God and believe everyone else is too.

And through their lives, it’s no surprise that people and Jesus are always introduced.

Thriving through trials, tribulations, stress and frustrations, they are forever fueled by joy.

They are committed and unfettered for they know character is produced by perseverance.

Unreasonable people are on your team, even if you aren’t on theirs.

Unconcerned with getting, they give and give until life can’t help but happen.

People free from reason re-mind themselves, declaring transformation through the renewal of their thoughts.

They refuse to settle for the lies that short change themselves or the impact of Love.

Unreasonable people are filled with heavenly contents and know that being right isn’t the same as being Light.

Like infinite sails, unreasonable people stretch out their arms, expecting to catch the Wind.

They breathe life into death, acquaint fear with love and set captives free.

And in exchange for reason, these people see beauty in everything.

Let us all be people of unreason.

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Clayton Dawang
Clayton Dawang
02 giu 2019

Wore my t-shirt last Sunday to church and I had a few tilt their heads to read it. Good conversation starter on faith vs reason.

Mi piace

Reece Holland
Reece Holland
20 apr 2019

Love this Leah!! <3

Mi piace
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