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  • Leah Van Someren

Safe and Sound Protocol Podcast: Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal Theory and SSP for Trauma

Designed for couples or individuals, a Communion Restoration Journey is a consilient approach to clearing the way for Love so that you may connect even deeper with yourself, others the Living World and True Spirit.

Within that consilient approach there are two physiologically oriented ways of knowing that deeply honor the inherent wisdom of the nervous system:

Somatic Experiencing and the Safe and Sound Protocol.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a modality that works with the nervous system to metabolize the effects of trauma. Through honed tracking skills, it allows the guide to read the nervous system and create the necessary conditions that support the natural completion and restoration processes to take place.

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a listening therapy that stimulates the vagus nerve, the longest nerve in your body. Through offering a specific band of frequencies likened to the mother's coo, — or as I see it, the frequencies of Love — it gently reharmonizes your nervous system with the safety that surrounds you.

It's as if both support your system in taking a deep sigh as you move through all that's been

blocking you from Love, dissolving it like sugar in water.

To learn more, listen to Episode 28 of The Safe and Sound Protocol Podcast where I join a group of SE and SSP providers to discuss the integration and share insights.

If you and your partner are interested in embarking on a Couples Restoration Journey, book a 30 minute curiosity call.


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