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  • Leah Dawang

The Nervous System & Self-Regulation: Maintaining Relationship with Yourself in Times of Tragedy

Micro and macro, we are all traversing harsh the landscapes of the times. I am no different and have found myself asking, "how do you maintain relationship with yourself in the midst of overwhelm, pain and tragedy?" What does it mean to be and stay with yourself, even when your impulse is to leave — be it through shame, self-judgement and criticism or numbing entirely.

As humans, we can tend to become dysregulated — perturbed, hostile, hopeless, judgmental — by the severe and overwhelming contradictions in life's grand dance. From what I've perceived, many are sprinting for the edges of the spectrum when maybe what we're all hoping for is somewhere in the blurry middle.

So how does one stay regulated — open-hearted, present, connected, hopeful, Loving — in the midst of everything feeling like it's too much?

Tune into the video below as award winning Occupational Therapist, Kim Barthel and I step into these deep waters and explore how interventions like The Safe and Sound Protocol can empower us in maintaining relationship with ourselves as we navigate times of tragedy.

To learn more and experience the Safe and Sound Protocol, book a free discovery call.


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