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  • Leah Van Someren

Another Birthday, Another New Year!

It's my birthday & I'll blog if I want to!

That's right - another birthday. This next year will be full of 25 year old types of things like more wisdom, more of God's grace, more 'when I was young' sayings, & more excitement! I did some reflecting this morning after reading back on my journal from 7th grade & before I charge ahead, I'd like to share 25 things I've learned in the first quarter of my life...

  1. You could die tomorrow - live for God today.

  2. God's grace & goodness outweigh our actions, thoughts, hopes, failings & best intentions.

  3. Childhood friends teach you just how good friendship can be.

  4. It's always okay & GOOD to ask questions - even if you think you have it right.

  5. Stop in the middle of every fight to reassure the other person you care for them.

  6. There is no money better spent than on therapy, massages & expensive cheese.

  7. God's bigness is no match for our imagination - but it doesn't mean we can't try.

  8. Words are mighty & must be wielded wisely.

  9. Work hard to love & understand people - all of them, not just those that resemble you.

  10. Millage & gas are meant to be spent on seeing friends & family. 'Too far' is never an excuse.

  11. Let everyone be honest about where they are at - physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

  12. Perfectionism gets you NOTHING extra.

  13. Pursue healthy & authentic relationships with the same sex before a romantic interest.

  14. Control doesn't exist.

  15. Pray - hopefully, expectantly, humbly, abundantly, boldly.

  16. Be vulnerable, honest & communicative.

  17. Crying is the most effective purification method.

  18. Frolicking while hiking is always a good idea.

  19. Always make friends with your server/bartender.

  20. Listen to your body & respond with compassion.

  21. You will NEVER regret traveling over working.

  22. Pray for wisdom & a softy heart.

  23. Live within or below your means.

  24. Love yourself.

  25. Life is life - use it, all of it, for God's glory.

Ringing in the New Year!


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