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  • Leah Van Someren

Foundation: Love Yourself

Through my time at G42, God deconstructed and reconstructed my heart. He laid an infinite foundation of love with four defining characteristics:

Love yourself.

Love others.

Love Yourself

A love poem to me from me:

Hi me, did you know I love you? I know this may be strange coming from me but since God loved you first, I thought it about time for you to hear just how much I love you, me. I love discovering you, uncovering you, reimagining you and reestablishing you. I love just how unreasonable you truly are. I love holding you as you sway back and forth to the melodies in your head, it’s the same way I feel when you curl up in your bed.

I love how you love people and choose to stay at the table. I love the way your laugh explodes with no apparent warning and how you are determined, come hell or high water, to do the Life thing. I also really, really love how you’ll never be perfect and how you’re coming to know that was never and will never be one of your goals. I love the space inside you, your hospitable heart home and its simple decorations. I love how you are under construction, always saying yes to Christ-formation. I especially love the feeling when you skip all over your new foundation.

I love the way your eyes swell when you lock sight with another, two infinite oceans converging into one. It always reminds me you’re alive and kicking, the same feeling when you breathe in the sun. I love your constant questions and your insatiable curiosity, your endless intricacies, well defined simplicities and everything in between. You’re poetry written on the outside of a human being.

I love how your eyes and cheeks honor your tears. They are like drops of water on a desert after a thousand dry years. I love what God’s taught you and and how it’s making you glow. I especially love all those things you do not yet know. I love your unfettered authenticity and how you make Kingdom decisions knowing you can trust, not only God but also yourself.

You know what I really love about you, me? I freaking love the way you are when you choose to receive. It’s the same sort of feeling when you’re just being, wild and free. You throw your arms out wide and expect to catch the wind. You risk it for the biscuit and crack your heart wide open. You stare into the eyes of Jesus, naked and unashamed. You seek first the Kingdom and cannot be tamed. I love you because I love you because that is what love does and from eternity to forever, you’ll always be loved.


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